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Living the Eucharist - Lent 2018





What is Living the Eucharist ?

Why Should I Join Living the Eucharist

Informative Videos

Goals of the Program

Lent 2018 Timeline

Sign-Up Weekends

Lent 2018 Weekly Topics

Meeting Format

Paulist Evangelization Ministries



What is Living the Eucharist ?


Living the Eucharist is a parish-based renewal experience that fosters spiritual growth and discipleship by promoting full, conscious, and active participation in the Eucharist. Living the Eucharist can help adults, families, and teens in a parish grow in holiness and in the Church's mission as they come to know more profoundly the love of Christ in the Eucharist. Living the Eucharist runs during Lent for three years. The materials are available in English and Spanish. Parishioners take part in any of the following ways: by joining adult and teen small groups, engaging in family activities, and reading catechetical bulletin inserts. This Lenten participation heightens parishioner involvement in the Sunday Eucharist and inspires them to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ who carry out the Church's mission. Living the Eucharist is designed to revitalize parish life and evangelizing activity through meaningful and transforming encounters with Christ.

Go to the Living the Eucharist website for more information.




Why Should I Join Living the Eucharist ?


The season of Lent is a natural time to deepen our faith and turn to the Lord in an even more powerful way. In the tradition starting with Lenten Longings and ARISE, Living the Eucharist provides a setting for small faith-sharing groups to enter more fully into this sacred season and deepen their understanding of their faith, in the Eucharist, and in their role as active disciples of Jesus Christ.

Prayerfully consider taking your faith to a powerful new level this Lent by engaging with your fellow parishioners in the sacred journey that is Living the Eucharist. This program will help you have a life-changing season of Lent. Join with us!




Informative  Videos


View these informative videos on Living the Eucharist:

  • Introduction
  • Presentation




Goals of the Program


Goal 1: To increase among parishioners, both active and inactive in the pracice of their faith, an understanding of the meaning of the Eucharist.

Goal 2: To foster within parishioners, both active and inactive in the practice of their faith, a full, conscious, and active participation in the Eucharist.

Goal 3: To sustain or increase Sunday Mass attendance in the parish.

Goal 4: To make living and sharing faith as disciples of Jesus, which flows from and leads to the Eucharist, an essential part of Catholic life.




Lent 2018 Timeline


Team Planning


November, 2017 thru January, 2018


Parish Communication / Publicity


December, 2017 thru January, 2018


Inviting and Training Small Group Leaders


January 8 thru January 31, 2018


Inviting Parish to Join Living the Eucharist


January 13 thru January 27, 2018


Small Faith-Sharing Groups Formed


February 3, 2018


Living the Eucharist (LTE) Week 1


February 11 thru February 17, 2018


LTE Week 2


February 18 thru February 24, 2018


LTE Week 3


February 25 thru March 3, 2018


LTE Week 4


March 4 thru March 10, 2018


LTE Week 5


March 11 thru March 17, 2018


LTE Week 6


March 18 thru March 24, 2018





Sign-Up Weekends


Sign-Up Weekends are the primary occasions when parishioners commit to participate in the Living the Eucharist activities. We will have a homily related to Living the Eucharist on one of the weekends, prayer cards to invite the parish to pray for the success of Living the Eucharist, a table setup in the Family Life Center to answer questions and to assist in the sign-up. The dates of our Sign-Up Weekends are:

  • January 13-14
  • January 20-21




Lent 2018 Weekly Topics


Week 1


The Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ

Week 2


Baptism and Confirmation, entering into the life of the Risen Christ; the presence of Christ in the assembly at Mass

Week 3


The Eucharist: remembering our salvation in Jesus Christ, sacrificial offering and ritual meal

Week 4


The presence of the Holy Spiorit in the Eucharist and in daily life

Week 5


Full, conscious, and active participation in the Eucharist

Week 6


The Body of Christ gathered at the Eucharist, renewed in its identity, and sent forth in Jesus' name




Meeting Format


Living the Eucharist meetings are held in homes, the parish campus, or other locations that fit the demographics of the groups and the meeting format goes like this:

  • Introductions (first meeting)
  • Welcoming and Opening Prayer
  • Response to the Opening Questions
  • Presentation
  • Discussion
  • Praying with the Sunday Mass readings using the lectio divina method
  • Closing Prayer and Announcements




Paulist Evangelization Ministries


Living the Eucharist is a process offered by Paulist Evangelization Ministries (PEM), an apostolic arm of the the Paulist Fathers, bringing the Gospel to today's world in innovative ways. They strive to help parishes Reach the Unreached in Faith.

Who are the unreached in faith? They are our neighbors, co-workers, friends, and acquaintances. Some are even sitting next to you in the pew at mass. Often they feel hesitant to speak up but would be open to a friendly invitation – which is where PEM hopes to help. There are three main groups of people we work to reach out to in our evangelization efforts. First, are Inactive Catholics, who have become inactive in the faith for any number of reasons. Many may still consider themselves Catholic but don’t have a parish home and thus only sporadically attend Mass. Second, are those who we call Seekers or Inquirers – seekers have fundamental questions about the meaning of human life and are open to learning more about the Catholic faith, if someone would just reach out to them in a sincere, credible, and appealing way. Third, are Catholics who while they do attend mass occasionally, lack a sense of deeper commitment or are not centered in a spirituality of discipleship. The New Evangelization seeks to inspire Catholics in a way that will bring their faith to new life.

Go to the Paulist Evangelization Ministries to learn more about them.